Where I’m going

So over the last 5 years God has been working on getting me into the mission field. I had been working as a software developer at the same place for 5 years but was feeling like I should be doing more kingdom focused work. It wasn’t clear to me how that would happen, since it was plain that God had both given me the job that I had, and blessed me with the skills to do it.

I really liked my job and loved San Luis Obispo so I convinced myself that I was supposed to be a sender, helping others make it to the mission field.  Then, during one of Grace Church’s mission conferences, Lloyd Goss came and spoke at the small group I was attending.

Grace Church

He explained how he was an IT manager working for Wycliffe Bible Translators.  That caught my attention in a big way and when I found out that Wycliffe also needed software developers the journey began.  Once I am fully supported I’ll be developing software in Dallas, Texas for Wycliffe.  I’ll be working on the team that develops the software that the Bible translators use during their work.


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