The last peach of the season

So when I finished up my Senior year at Immanuel High in Reedley California 12 years ago I decided that, while I loved growing up on the farm, I didn’t think I could be a farmer.

It wasn’t the work that bothered me, it was just the uncertainty of it.  The weather, the market, all outside of your control.  It’s funny looking back on it, I realize now that farmers are really living by faith.

The illusion of control over your finances is harder to maintain as a farmer. Now that I am a missionary, where all of my finances are coming from others there is no illusion.

It is clear that on this journey God is in control, and not me. Going to Texas will be truly leaving the farm behind. A Beautiful Peach Right now I’m only 2 hours from the best peaches in the world and I just ate the last peach I’ll get from the family farm this season. God willing I’ll be 1,500 miles away from my family, and the farm, by the time the next peaches are ripe.
I won’t be getting nearly as much fresh fruit, and I won’t be seeing my folks, or my brother nearly as often.

I believe though that I’ll be able to say like David Livingstone did in his speech to students at Cambridge “I never made a sacrifice.”


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