Wedding Season is Over

So I was invited to 4 weddings this summer and 3 of them were back-to-back-to-back.

All of the weddings were pretty awesome and each had it’s own unique charms. The locations, food, ceremonies, vows, and receptions were all varied and enjoyable. I have to say it is nice to be done and home though.

This last weekend was my first weekend at home with no wedding to go to and on Sunday the following thoughts went through my head when I woke up “What time do I have to be there? Will I be late if I pick up a card? Where are they registered? Wait, who is getting married today? There isn’t any wedding today! Weird.”

Here are my favorite photographs from the 3 weddings I took my camera to:

Yeah, I know only one of them has the bride & groom, but that’s what wedding photographers are for, and I don’t want that job.¬† Too much stress.


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