So I learned something very interesting today. Apparently I was born on a very auspicious day! I find this quite appropriate.

I got to spend a good chunk of last weekend with my family. We had a lot of good times together and I was reminded how much my Dad is responsible for my brother and my more mischievous attributes. As we had lunch at the local golf course the three of us were all looking at the frilly toothpicks and our drinking straws but it was my Dad, Mike, who was the first to stick one in my Mom’s sandwich. It was a surprisingly effective improvised weapon.

Matt updated his blog recently with a post about what he’s experiencing working in London. Both of us seem to have found ourselves called to work for God’s kingdom, and some of that blame has to land on our parents. 😉

This year was an exciting one for me. Starting the journey to Wycliffe has made the last half of my 30th year quite an adventure. I hope that next year at this time I’ll be looking back at the work that went on in Dallas, and praising God for getting me there and allowing me to participate in it.


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