Boeing, and something better

A lot of you have already heard the news that Boeing has purchased CDM Technologies my employer of the last 10 years. When I first heard that this was on the horizon it was one of the confirmations for me that I was going where God had called me.

My job which I already loved could only get better as a Boeing subsidiary as far as I could tell. There would have been more future opportunities on new and exciting projects and it would be possible to climb into technical management positions. So when I found out that this was coming I remember my first thought being “Wow, that’s great for my friends at work, but I’m headed to Dallas”. There wasn’t even a flicker of doubt about my decision to join Wycliffe.

All the employees of CDM got to attend a meeting, that felt more like a pep rally, the day that the news went public. During the meeting folks from Boeing showed us a video showing all the exciting accomplishments of of the division that we were joining. There were a lot of neat aircraft, satellites, lasers, and programs. The thing was I saw the following video shortly afterward and I found it way more exciting.

Kimyal New Testament launch in Indonesia from United Bible Societies on Vimeo.

I will get to be a part of translating God’s word so that celebrations like that can happen for the 350 million people who are still waiting. That has me stoked.


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