Fighting colds

So I’ve been fighting a cold for a few days now and it has caused me to slow down a bit.  I have been blessed with good health in general, and a stubbornness that often won’t let me admit when I am ill, so I haven’t missed a lot of work due to sickness.  I do seem to spend a few 3 day weekends every year at home in bed.  Fittingly today is a company holiday.

This reminiscing in my delirium has caused me to invent, or re-purpose, a few words and phrases:

Phrase: ‘3 day’
definition: a single unit of time corresponding to a holiday weekend.  As in ‘Jason, how often were you sick last year?’ ‘Oh, just a couple of 3 days.’

Word: ‘bath’
re-definition: a unit of time measurement roughly equivalent to 90 pages or an hour and a quarter.

Word: ‘unexpecterant’
definition: any activity, or action which results in a surprisingly effective cough.

So during this 3 day, I finished the book ‘A Poke in the Ribs’ by Jack Popjes in 2 baths.

The book is a compilation of one years worth of a weekly e-mail column by a former CEO of Wycliffe Canada.  There were many excellent articles and I’ve dog-eared several of them so that I can easily find them later.  Some of my favorite quotes were:

Jack Popjes: A Poke In The Ribs“The world is not a box–a closed in system.  Our worldview needs to include our limitless God.  He blows the lids off our boxes and kicks out the sides.”

“Life on planet earth is increasingly full of risks, but we can’t live our lives avoiding them all. Whether it is exploring space or skiing the backcountry valleys, it is impossible to achieve a worthwhile accomplishment without paying the cost of preparation and then running the risk of failure and disaster.”

“A direct one-to-one correlation exists between the need to make a long trip and the gastrointestinal distress of the traveler.” and “Do not confuse a Wycliffe career, or even a career as a Bible translator, with life.”

Some of the chapters that I intend to read again were ‘Prayer and Ping-pong balls’ on personal organization, and ‘Giving to Charity, or Building the Kingdom’ a helpful way of looking at what it means to give to a support raising missionary.

Popjes has an excellent sense of humor and this book could prove to be an unexpectarant when it makes you laugh out loud in a hot bath.


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