Book Review: Living Water

Living Water by Brother YunThe Grace church mission conference is coming up soon. I have always enjoyed the mission conferences, and each year I take the opportunity to read the book that the congregation is encouraged to read in preparation.

Several years ago the book suggested was “Heavenly Man” by Brother Yun. Our speaker that year was Reverend Peter Xu who knew Brother Yun personally. The two of them had spent time imprisoned together for their faith. It was an excellent autobiography of a leader in the underground Chinese house churches which gave me a lot of insight into what was going on in that country, and further opened my eyes to God’s global purpose.

More recently friend of mine gave me a copy of “Living Water” after hearing that I enjoyed “Heavenly Man”. “Living Water” is a collection of sermons and messages delivered by Brother Yun after he left China, gathered into a single volume. In the messages he refers to the many of the life experiences which he wrote about in detail in “Heavenly Man” and uses them and scripture to inspire and challenge Christians in the western church.

There are several excellent messages and lessons in the book. Here are some excerpts.

From the chapter ‘Bold as a Lion’:

Have you ever experienced the boldness and courage of the Holy Spirit surging inside of you, causing you to do the impossible for God? Have you ever stepped out on a limb to serve the Lord, or has your Christianity been largely a “private” affair, characterized by keeping your faith to yourself and living at a “safe distance” from God?

another challenge from the same chapter:

The will of God should be the primary focus of all Christians. To glorify Him should be our greatest honor and privilege. All else is a waste of time, and this world is perishing while too many Christians live out fleshly lives full of compromise and selfishness.

From ‘Vessels of Refreshment’:

God doesn’t want you to know everything and do nothing. He would rather you know a little and act on that little in obedience, and then He will give you more.

With 28 chapters about 10 pages each, all the messages are straightforward and thought provoking. I think that this book is a good one for anyone who has read and enjoyed “Heavenly Man”. If you haven’t read “Heavenly Man” do that first. The background info on Brother Yun gives many of these messages a greater impact, and gives an understanding of the foundations of his faith.

In other news I’m looking forward to the mission conference, hoping that things will work out so that I can be an official participant. Also I’m supported at 48% so far, expecting to celebrate reaching the half way mark very soon.


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  1. naylor121 Says:

    Yup. That third quote pretty much summarizes my life at present 🙂

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