Another New Testament Completed

I was surprised to see this reported by ABC news, but I’m glad it was! A complete New Testament in the Gwich’in language was just dedicated in Fairbanks Alaska. The Baltimore ABC affiliate’s report mentions that Meggie and Pierre DeMers have been working on this translation for 31 years. Praise God for their faithful service.

The article mentioned that the Gwich’in are the only Athabaskan people to have the New Testament in their language. I did a little digging and found that this isn’t quite accurate. Several other languages of Athabaskan peoples have had New Testaments published, although all the ones I found were in Canada not the United States. I’ll give the reporter the benefit of the doubt and say that perhaps Gwich’in is the only Athabaskan language in the USA with a New Testament.

In any case it is exciting news! But there are still over 2,000 languages out there that still need translation projects to begin. I’m eager to get to Dallas to start my assignment with Wycliffe, and add whatever I can to the effort.


2 Responses to “Another New Testament Completed”

  1. Pierre and Meggie DeMers Says:

    Hi Jason, We were just made aware of your comments, and we wanted to add a bit about the Athabaskan New Testaments. Gwich’in is the first Athabaskan NT to be completed/published in Alaska. It is amazing how one little omitted detail can so change a statement. Translators have to be SO CAREFUL!!! The US also has other Athabaskan NT’s complete: Navajo and Apache.

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