Almost time to leave SLO

Only 9% of my minimum financial support level remains. I’m so close to leaving for Dallas that I can feel the humidity already. This video has been making the rounds among my San Luis Obispo friends. It’s especially poignant for me since I’m so close to leaving this town behind. I know I’ll enjoy Dallas, but the central coast is still tough to leave.

Something very cool came up recently with regards to my move. God has provided the perfect place for me to move to in Dallas. Another Wycliffe missionary working in Dallas heard about my housing search during their weekly prayer meeting and contacted me. He is living in a house for the next year and was looking for someone to move into an empty bedroom. It is an ideal situation as it will give me both a place to move into and someone to help get me plugged into life in Dallas. The room just became available in April. How providential.


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