Wycliffe Day of Prayer

November 11th has a double significance for those associated with Wycliffe in the US. Not only is it Veterans day, it is also Wycliffe’s World Day Of Prayer.

Veterans day is celebrated on November 11th because it was on that date in 1918(at 11a.m. no less) that Germany signed the armistice agreement bringing an end to the first World War.

Wycliffe observes a world day of prayer on November 11th because it was that day in 1933 that Cameron Townsend and L.L. Legters were attempting to enter Mexico to begin work there. When they were initially turned away they began to pray and Townsend remembered that he had a letter in his pocket from an educator in Mexico who had invited them to come work there. They presented that letter to the guards and spent the time praying and singing while the guards called Mexico city. The answer came back ‘permission granted’ and the two entered Mexico.

It was a significant day in the history of Wycliffe Bible Translators and we mark it as an organization each year with a day of prayer.

I am thankful to be involved in an organization with such a history of prayer.

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3 Responses to “Wycliffe Day of Prayer”

  1. Amy-Lynne Says:

    This is really cool information!
    I’m curious about the 11:00 signing of WWI armistice agreement by Germany. Was it 11:00 in Germany? Just curious. Blessings to you, Brother, as you labor for HIM who is the Prince of PEACE! <‘{{{><

  2. Amy-Lynne Says:

    It cut off my < Ichthy symbol.

  3. Amy-Lynne Says:

    < = Try again.

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