2012 in brief review

Once you fall out of the habit of updating a blog it doesn’t take long to forget that you even have one. During 2012 I was settling into both work and social routines here in Dallas and blogging didn’t happen. I’ve decided to make an effort again in 2013.
I’ve added another page to this blog to archive my newsletters and rather than try and write some overwhelming mini-novel describing the last 12 months of my life I’ll instead include a bit of a year in review in photo form.

In March while working on my car I discovered that you can break a steering knuckle trying to dislodge a ball joint. Fortunately after getting all the broken parts off my car I was finally able to fix it.

In May I got to be the best man in my brother Matt’s wedding. (Brother not pictured.)


We had a major hailstorm in Dallas in June it did a lot of damage but mostly farther north.

This scorpion on my shoe was just one of the many that my roommate and I got to deal with this summer. Our room seemed to be a favorite place for them to hide.

A group here plays volleyball on a sand court during the summer and the unseasonably warm weather extended our window for outdoor sports into the fall.

I got to practice creative pumpkin carving last October.

My parents and my brother and sister in-law visited me for Thanksgiving!

The fall finally came and I discovered my guest house room had a view.

I got to celebrate a wonderful white Christmas in Dallas!