This blog was created to help inform people about the journey I’m on. 
After writing software for the same company in San Luis Obispo for 10 years God called me to a more kingdom focused work. I’m still writing software but now I’m a missionary, supported by people who have caught God’s vision for Bible translation and were willing to join me in supporting it.

Now I work in language software development group for Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Wycliffe is an organization that has been working to translate the Bible since 1942 and has completed 700 translation projects.  They believe that everyone on earth deserves to have the bible in the language that speaks to their heart, their first language.

I will be helping Wycliffe work toward their 2025 vision.  They have set a goal to have a scripture translation project started in every language in the world by the year 2025.  Software is an important part of seeing that vision realized.

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Jason Naylor