Settling into a new routine.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in Dallas for over a month now. I’ve been trying to figure out what life looks like for me here and a rough routine is starting to come together.

God’s hand has really been evident in my transition. I’ve been connecting with quite a few people from a church in Arlington, and that might be where I settle long term. It’s only a little over 20 minutes from here, about 15 minutes from work. I can stay in the house I’m renting now for about a year, so I have some time to figure things out.
Work has been great, it didn’t take me long to get used to the project and start contributing which is a good feeling. Everyone else on the software team seems happy that I’ve been able to plug in so quick.

The weather has been brutally hot, but most everyone in Dallas seems to hide indoors during the summer, and everywhere you go is airconditioned. So the heat isn’t very hard to live with, but I do miss my outdoor activities from SLO.

I sent out my last newsletter mostly by good old US Postal service, but I don’t have the address of everyone who normally gets them electronically. So here is a belated link for everyone who didn’t get it:   June\July Newsletter

I’ll be posting again soon with some new updates, and probably a new newsletter. So keep an eye out.


Almost time to leave SLO

Only 9% of my minimum financial support level remains. I’m so close to leaving for Dallas that I can feel the humidity already. This video has been making the rounds among my San Luis Obispo friends. It’s especially poignant for me since I’m so close to leaving this town behind. I know I’ll enjoy Dallas, but the central coast is still tough to leave.

Something very cool came up recently with regards to my move. God has provided the perfect place for me to move to in Dallas. Another Wycliffe missionary working in Dallas heard about my housing search during their weekly prayer meeting and contacted me. He is living in a house for the next year and was looking for someone to move into an empty bedroom. It is an ideal situation as it will give me both a place to move into and someone to help get me plugged into life in Dallas. The room just became available in April. How providential.

Wycliffe work in Burkina Faso & 74%

Today one of my friends cued me in to this article on Burkina Faso. Mission Network News was reporting on how Wycliffe was using cell phone technology to get the scripture portions that have been completed in the Kaansa language to the people more readily.

Cell phones are everywhere now, and I could definitely be working on software for phones when I get to Dallas. The developers I’ll be joining mentioned the phone work they were doing when I visited them, and it seems there is an increasing opportunity in that area. I’m celebrating the fact that I’m at 74% of my support and getting close to departure. I’m getting more and more excited to start working in Dallas. If God is moving you to help me with the last 26% of my monthly support needs you can see how on the partnership page.

Some videos

I saw a couple of videos today which I thought I would share with you here.

The first video is of a dance at a scripture dedication celebration. You can read more about the dedication in this short article.

I hope to get the opportunity to be a part of many scripture dedications as a part of Wycliffe. It’s an exciting thing to look forward to.

The second video is an interview with George Cowan. He has been a part of Wycliffe almost since it’s very beginning. He was part of a team of translators which completed the Mazateco New Testament for a people group in Oaxaca, Mexico. George also served as president of Wycliffe Bible Translators for many years. This is a powerful interview which shows the heart that drives Bible translation.

I know George’s words ring true for me.

I also have some good news on support progress. I’ve reached 65% of my monthly support goal! When God brings in the full 100% I can move to Dallas and start on my actual assignment with Wycliffe. I hope you’ll pray with me that the last 35% comes quickly.

If God’s been moving you to be involved you can look into the options on my Wycliffe partnership page.

April Newsletter

Since I wrote the newsletter I’ve already had more partners join me. I’m now at 56%! Anyhow, here is my latest newsletter.

I spent half of last week in the San Joaquin Valley sharing my Wycliffe journey with friends new and old, as well as spending some time with family.

While I was in town my brother was putting on a charity soccer tournament in London (California) and roped me into refereeing. I’ve played a lot of soccer, but never refereed before, and I can’t say that I was very good. But in the 4 hours of games no fights broke out, and no death threats were made against us so I guess I’d have to call it a success.

I’m looking forward to Easter Sunday tomorrow. It’s time to celebrate the greatest day in history, and the good news that we have to share with the whole world.

Book Review: Living Water

Living Water by Brother YunThe Grace church mission conference is coming up soon. I have always enjoyed the mission conferences, and each year I take the opportunity to read the book that the congregation is encouraged to read in preparation.

Several years ago the book suggested was “Heavenly Man” by Brother Yun. Our speaker that year was Reverend Peter Xu who knew Brother Yun personally. The two of them had spent time imprisoned together for their faith. It was an excellent autobiography of a leader in the underground Chinese house churches which gave me a lot of insight into what was going on in that country, and further opened my eyes to God’s global purpose.

More recently friend of mine gave me a copy of “Living Water” after hearing that I enjoyed “Heavenly Man”. “Living Water” is a collection of sermons and messages delivered by Brother Yun after he left China, gathered into a single volume. In the messages he refers to the many of the life experiences which he wrote about in detail in “Heavenly Man” and uses them and scripture to inspire and challenge Christians in the western church.

There are several excellent messages and lessons in the book. Here are some excerpts.

From the chapter ‘Bold as a Lion’:

Have you ever experienced the boldness and courage of the Holy Spirit surging inside of you, causing you to do the impossible for God? Have you ever stepped out on a limb to serve the Lord, or has your Christianity been largely a “private” affair, characterized by keeping your faith to yourself and living at a “safe distance” from God?

another challenge from the same chapter:

The will of God should be the primary focus of all Christians. To glorify Him should be our greatest honor and privilege. All else is a waste of time, and this world is perishing while too many Christians live out fleshly lives full of compromise and selfishness.

From ‘Vessels of Refreshment’:

God doesn’t want you to know everything and do nothing. He would rather you know a little and act on that little in obedience, and then He will give you more.

With 28 chapters about 10 pages each, all the messages are straightforward and thought provoking. I think that this book is a good one for anyone who has read and enjoyed “Heavenly Man”. If you haven’t read “Heavenly Man” do that first. The background info on Brother Yun gives many of these messages a greater impact, and gives an understanding of the foundations of his faith.

In other news I’m looking forward to the mission conference, hoping that things will work out so that I can be an official participant. Also I’m supported at 48% so far, expecting to celebrate reaching the half way mark very soon.

Last CDM Newsletter

Well, I finished my February Newsletter, the last that I will write while employed for Tapestry/CDM. Monday the 28th is my last day working there. That chapter of my life story is about to be finished. I’m going to miss all my co-workers, it has been quite the ride.

I am excited to get to focus on partnership development. I’m at 40% now! Hope to make the rest of the way quickly. God has been continually teaching me that He is in control, and that His timing is perfect.

Nothing to do but trust and move forward.